Thursday, June 24, 2010

IM BACK! Briefly....

Hey hey!

Long time no speaky... so HEAPS has happened since my last blog... I finally popped the weeny one out after being 10 days overdue, such a dramatic little missy and I've also started up another blog that I'm intending on being "the chief" blog as I think I have a better idea or vision... so I can say it's "Betty's Blogazine" no more.
I'll continue on and move over the "Dear not-charlotte" posts so please be patient with me as I get it all up and running... and I'll probably move over a few other things I've had happening over here, I'll be changing up the names, so keep ur eyes out.
I'll also try to be more frequent with my posts! sheesh talk about irregularity, but I'm determined this is my year of discipline and change.
So if you're ready and keen to follow me into the woods, put some gumboots on and start here.

See you soon!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why I think Licences should be considered VOID once you hit 70:

I followed this lil old lady from Dip Road, Kamo to New World, Regent which according to Google Maps covers a distance of 6.4 km.

Speed limit = 50km/hr.

Speed she travelled = 30km/hr.

I also found my first 1/4 of a grey hair when I got home.
I've been infected.
And am in quarantine.
Tell Dan I love him.
Tell Mum that when I had to use crutches for that swollen bruised foot I had in Year 10, it wasn't from dropping a crate of Library books on it. It was from bunking School with Faith Colbert and trying to make a bridge across a stream in the Kariong bush.

Lord give me strength.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to overcome Procrastination:

I'll get back to this later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drive Thru and Aliens

Dan and I share alot of interests.

  • Romantic strolls around "The Warehouse"
  • Criticising Bacon and Egg Menus and make decisions on who gives the stingiest amounts of butter at the different Cafe's around our town.
  • Driving past Cyclists with our arm out the window winding them in an anti-clockwise motion, round and round like were about to give them the biggest slap on the bum in their lives.
  • Frequenting the Auctions with less "Har Har I told you so" regrets than last time.
  • We like to do several laps round the Video store only to come out with the first DVD we picked up.
  • We have fluid "dont even have to think about it" movements in the drive thru.
Our minds and mouths can be talking over something as comprehensive as politics *cough* yet our bodies continue to function with minds of their own...
Dan while looking at me completely engrossed, blindly punches in his pin number then automatically has his right hand out the window awaiting his card and reciept.
I'm clearing the drink holders of old receipts, hairclips and pens, tidying the room at my feet from my handbag and shoes I've most likely kicked off, which I grab with my right hand and extend to the back of Dans seat as he is handing me the bag of food that I grab with my left hand and replace the newly emptied space with... Dan would already have the drinks in their appropriate holders and I would then be breaking the seals of the straw packets to poke through the lids... all the while discussing how much Rodney Hyde looks like a lawn gnome.

My point is, we are One. But we are maaaany. And from all the lands on Earth we come. We share a dream. And sing with onnnnnne voice. I am. You are. We are Australian.
I actually didn't expect to write that last line. It's a
song. That further proves that my body does have a mind of its own.

But we ARE one. We like to be in sych with eachothers likes and dislikes.

We share heaps of things things as likes but we also have a string of things we cant agree on as likes.


  • I like Vintage shopping. Dan likes not coming with me.
  • Dan likes Fishing. I like when that means were going off a wharf or a boat, not when it means scrawling razor rocks cliffhanger style and returning from 12 hour course with cuts on your face and most other extremeties.
  • I like Markets, walks in the park, festivals, star gazing, boardgames, concerts, Auckland.
  • Dan likes tools, landscaping, what seem like monthly "Pirates of the Caribbean" Marathons, RD1 browsing, "Country Calendar", talking about grass and buying a Ute.
So when we come across something that we both like, we grab it with both hands, take it hostage and beat it up a little bit.
The TV Heavens parted my friends. The TV Heavens parted and gave us "V".

We both love mumbo jumbo fakey flakey stuff, so when a new show comes out BY THE CREATOR OF "LOST" we were all over it.
But especially cause it's about Aliens.

I spoke to a Telemarketer today.

She sounded a bit weird.
The cat hissed for no reason.
A Cow just completely appeared on my property out of nowhere.
And she called when I was sleeping. They ALWAYS do.

After watching a little TV, it dawned on me.
She's an Alien.

The human race has been absorbed with the idea of life on other planets.
That old guy Astronaut Buzz Aldrin reckoned he saw something when he went to the Moon.
He's got himself a trustworthy face. I believe him.

So how to workout if you are talking to one:

Ask them. If they say no, they're an Alien.
No Alien would ever admit to being an Alien.

I have my suspicions about what areas they thrive in too.
Mainly in electronics.
Or Fashion...
Or Corner Stores.
Or at Burger King in Whangarei on State Highway 1.
(They always stuff up your order... it is obviously an assessing tactic. They are gathering data and reports on the Human race and our reaction times so they can be well prepared for taking over our Planet).

If you know someone that catches on a bit too quickly with operating a cellphone or DVD player or is a bit too keen to hook up your internet connection... it's possible they are used to an even more advanced technology... technology of Alien origin.

Other tell tale signs:
-Snoring. This is obvious communication with the Mothership.
-No savings. Alien culture has evolved so much that money is obsolete thus dealing with money is a struggle as it is an unfamiliar concept.
-Pregnancy. Swollen feet and sticky outy bellybuttons. Need I say anymore.
-Cows go missing. They then reappear wearing "I've been to Sector 5 of Galaxy 6 and survived" T-Shirts.

Although I have no concrete proof there are Aliens out there, just believe me... they're out there.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cheers Countdown. Cheers.

"Shop Smarter at Countdown - Yeah Right."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Towel Watch: 13th Jan 2010, Day One.

Before: Tuesday 9:45pm.
After: Wednesday 6:19am.

Cause I refuse to be the nagging wife...

Monday, January 11, 2010

That Man Dan

I love him cause:
He's either not willing to oblige in photos....

Or he's too willing...

He's kind to animals:

(Bobby on a chain)

(Bobby the Exclusive Bretheren)

(Dances with wolves sheep)

(Sparkler VS. Buck)

(Bobby meets the roof)

(Yanking Mr Tumnus's horns)

(Teaching Bobby bad habits)

DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed in the taking of these photos.... unless you count their dignity.

He always finds what he's looking for:

(On the rampage looking for the Cookies that I hid. He found them. R.I.P Cookies.)

He's an amazing cook:

(This picture really does no justice to this AMAZING Burger. I'd happily eat it again over Burger Fuel.)

He's ingenious:

(He made a capflap)

( He made me a preggy belly bed to watch TV)

He buys me things unexpectedly:

He's subtle:

(I forget to throw shampoo bottles out so we end up gathering somewhat of a collection in the shower. I found these in the carport. He'd thrown them out the bathroom window.)

(Proving that he's not the only one that leaves empty toilet rolls in the can.)

He's my hero:

(One day he saved my life by cutting me out of a death dress... with his pocket knife)
He's brave and eats my experiments:
His revenge is NASTY:

(I was wearing his beloved "comfy pants" so he paid me back by wearing my clean robe, singlet and undies over his filthy cow poo ridden overalls until I took the pants off and put them back.)
He's real good at taking my picture:

He fixes my broke stuff:

He gave me her:
This list will never come close to capturing even the slightest essence of the very man I married.
He's a discrete giver and it's hard for me not to shout from the roof tops all the amazing things he does in private.
But since you asked, here are some points:

*He gives away his hard earned work bonus's.
*He's only taken 1 sick day in our 4 years of marriage.
*He tried adopting an abused child.
*Last week he told me to do nothing.. no cleaning, no cooking and gave me money to spend on myself in town.
*He's the first to step in when someone is being treated unjustfully.
*He's quick to forgive me for my wrongs.
*He builds me up in public.
*He flares his nostrils when he's trying to keep a straight face.
*He doesn't mind singing a bit of SuBo in the shower.
*He warms up my side of the bed in Winter.
*He makes me a coffee EVERY morning.
*He always gives me the biggest glass of coke.
*He sings Spice Girl songs at the top of his lungs with me in the car.
*He's a perfectionist on the BBQ.
*He never strives for recognition.
*He made and keeps our vege garden in pristine condition.
*He sings to my preggy belly.
*He can make anything.
*He includes others.
*He isn't hairy.
*He lets his farts out the bottom of the bed.
*He squashes disgusting bugs for me.
*He picks me flowers.
*He's a "Gleek".
*He wrote his future wife a letter in India before he knew me and read it out during our wedding reception.
*He has a kangaroo dance.
*He takes me to Auckland to shop monthly.
*He looks good driving Utes.
*He looks even better driving Tractors.
*He wants to assemble EVERYTHING.
*He always has a good idea.
*He finds this, this and this as hilarious as I do.
*He always knows what to do.
*He's loyal (to me, friends and employers).
*He never exaggerates.
*He never pretends to be somebody else.
*His eyes are like the ocean.
*He loads the dishwasher every morning.
*He makes perfect gravy.
*He's all mine.
I love you Dan.
I'm greatful you chose me to be your wife.



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