Thursday, June 24, 2010

IM BACK! Briefly....

Hey hey!

Long time no speaky... so HEAPS has happened since my last blog... I finally popped the weeny one out after being 10 days overdue, such a dramatic little missy and I've also started up another blog that I'm intending on being "the chief" blog as I think I have a better idea or vision... so I can say it's "Betty's Blogazine" no more.
I'll continue on and move over the "Dear not-charlotte" posts so please be patient with me as I get it all up and running... and I'll probably move over a few other things I've had happening over here, I'll be changing up the names, so keep ur eyes out.
I'll also try to be more frequent with my posts! sheesh talk about irregularity, but I'm determined this is my year of discipline and change.
So if you're ready and keen to follow me into the woods, put some gumboots on and start here.

See you soon!


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